About us

MANUS Prostejov, spol. s r.o. was established in 1993. The company provides the repair of machinery and electric equipment for grain silos and custom locksmith's work and carpentry production.

Some years of tradition

Since 2000 we have been manufacturing, supplying, and assembling IP 200 and CPM 225 sloping staircase platforms and VP 100 and HP 250 vertical lifting platforms designed for people with physical disabilities and poor orientation. At the same time, we follow the original products of MINERVA (AMF REECE), of which there are approximately 500 installed in the Czech Republic. We also supply stairclimbers and various types of access ramps for immobile people.

Complete turnkey projects

We provide complete supplies, including the layout design, assembly, electrical connection and any necessary building work. We provide guarantee and post-guarantee service of all manufactured platforms.

Our equipment can be provided with various special accessories (e.g. seats, shelters, access ramps, loudspeaking telephones etc.) and various modifications (e.g. signalling, wireless control etc.)

Platforms for the Czech Republic as well as abroad

Our products are mainly supplied to Czech customers. However, a part of our production is exported to other countries (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia).

Our aim is to provide final solutions for barrier-free access of our customers to residential as well as non-residential areas. Therefore, we are working on further modifications and improvements to our products, especially in terms of their functionality, simple control, safe and reliable operation.

We emphasize not only product functionality, safety and customer requirements but also aesthetic aspects and overall integration of our products into the given environment.