NPM 400 hydraulic shear platform

The hydraulic shear platform is suitable for transporting people with physical disabilities and poor orientation on elevated floors.

Platform description

  • Simple solution of architectural barriers caused by staircases, balconies, terraces etc.
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance, and reliable operation.
  • Various extra modifications and accessories can be performed on request, e.g.:
    • modification of dimensions of the transport plate
  • Complete "turnkey" supply including design documents, assembly, revision, and commissioning.
  • All our equipment is provided with guarantee and post-guarantee service.
  • The platforms can be installed in new as well as existing buildings and in an external as well as an internal environment.
  • The equipment is provided with a TÜV CZ s.r.o. certificate and meets all current standards and regulations, including the requirements of Decree No. 398/2009 Coll.

Technical parameters

Version with railing on the platform as well as the landing
Load bearing capacity of the platform Maximum 400 kg
Lift speed 0,05 - 0,1 m/s
Working voltage 3 × 400V/50Hz or 1 x 230V/50Hz
Power input 800 W
Maximum lift height 1 700 mm
Maximum dimensions of the transport plate 1 500 × 1 200 mm



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