Stair climber Liftkar PT Outdoor 120/150

Wheeled step climber Liftkar PT Outdoor 120/150 is intended for people who are able to move on even surfaces by using any alternative remedies such as walking stick, crutches and walking frame.


Thanks to its unique design the step climber Liftkar PT Outdoor 120/150 is able to handle any type of staircases - straight, curved, trapezoidal or combined. Minimum maneuvering space on the landing is 80 × 90 cm.

3 main advantages of the stairclimber Liftkar PT Outdoor

  • Getting on the Step climber is easy and comfortable thanks to foldable backrest and adjustable seat height.
  • Optional safety equipments for safer driving.
  • Wide driven wheels can handle any interior or exterior staircases and even a short ride on a neat ground.

Technical features

Load capacity 120 kg / 150 kg (depending on modification)
The operational range 300 to 500 steps (depending on the users weight)
Minimum landing size 80 × 90 cm
Max. step height 220 mm
Travel speed 10/14/18 steps / min. (three speed degrees)
Driving mode smooth mode / stair-by-stair mode
Outer track width 430 mm
Total weight 34,3 kg
Weight of the lifting unit 22,3 kg
Overall height/width 1130 mm / 505 mm (including the headrest)
Batteries Lead acid gel, maintenance free

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