Climber YACK N961/962

Practical and innovative wheeled climber Yack is the only climber in Czech market that can be easily and effortlessly transformed into 2 versions. Climber for transportation of people using a wheelchair and climber with a seating unit.

Climber YACK is designed to easily overcome almost all types of staircases such as straight or jagged, with or without landing and also circular or spiral staircases. In view of the fact that limited room is required for maneuvering, the climber YACK can be easily used on narrow platforms and in small spaces.

Climber YACK is available in two versions:

Version N962

For transportation of people using a wheelchair

YACK N 912

Practical and easy solution for transporting a wide range of wheelchairs. The climber can be taken apart into 2 parts for easier transportation and storage.

Version N961

For transportation of people who are able to move on even surfaces using any alternative remedy -walking stick, crutches or walking frame.

YACK N 911

Procedure of transformation

YACK - Postup transformace

All versions of step climbers are based on the same basis so it is easy to replace and adjust accessories to transport people with or without a wheelchair.

Technical features

Adjustable handle allows parking in tight spaces
Adjustable tiller (handlebar) that allows maneuvering on the stairs
Automatic braking system- stops when reaches the edge of the step
Ergonomic handwheel to lock the tiller (handlebar)
Telescopic handle with adjustable width using the regulating wheel
Maximum stability: "Floating" system of the upper gripping element with hooks can be adjusted according to the slope of the wheelchair
Platforms that firmly grip the wheelchair
Adjustable armrests
Foldable footrest
Lockable swivel wheels allow movement on flat surfaces

Technical features

Weight kg 43 43
Maximum weight when fully loaded kg 173 173
Maximum load capacity kg 130 130
Maximum step height cm 22 22
Minimum maneuvering area cm 89×89  
Depth cm 63 50
Width cm 51 60-68
Height min. cm 116 116
Height max. cm 152 152
Minimum dimensions of maneuvering area cm 70×70 80×80
Motor performance W 220 220
Operating and storage temperature °C -10/+50 -10/+50
Operational range Floors 12 12

Phases of operation step by step

Choice of two kinds of motion (stepping and continuous motion) with adjustable speed.

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