Stair climber SHERPA

Stair climber "SHERPA" is intended for people using a manual wheelchair to overcome architectural barriers - staircases.

You will prefer its high quality, efficiency, simplicity and easy-to-operate features.

SHERPA climber is a tracked stairclimber of "new generation" with innovative technology and intuitive control system . You will appreciate its design, advanced technology and perfect control system. SHERPA climber provides maximum security and performance, easy maneuverability and independence.

SHERPA CLIMBER is available in three variants:

1. SHERPA N902

The basic variant.

option of manual handling in case of breakdown universal telescopic arm to fasten different types of wheelchairs adjustable headrest control elements are placed on handlebars
control panel on the chassis in case of breakdown: handle for manual operation is located directly on handlebars easily accessible charging equilibrium point - shows the point at which the device must be placed and inclined backward or forward
integrated charger - electronic charging regulation, charge indicator , short circuit protection , automatic detection of power supply adjustable wheels - easy handling and driving on the stair landing

2. SHERPA N957

SHERPA N957 is based on a model N902. Foldable bottom brackets have been added to fasten wheelchair and to save storage space. Also two pairs of motorized wheels provides easy turning on the stair landing or in small spaces.

control elements to attach and disconnect handlebars, safety elements placed on handlebars foldable bottom brackets to fasten wheelchair external charger electrically driven wheel system

3. SHERPA N958

Our top model of SHERPA based on the model N957. Extra folding handlebar system is driven by electric motor.

handlebar folding mechanism is driven by electric motor

Main advantages:

  • Climber is remoted by electronic control gear featured with smooth starting and stopping
  • Automatic braking system
  • Maximum angle of climb 70 % ( 35 °)
  • Energy input 24V DC , electronic control
  • Quiet operation , elimination of noise (no electromagnetic switches)
  • Comfortable ride - smooth starting and stopping without vibrations
  • Safety: electronic and mechanical functions ensure high level of security
  • Maintenance: used parts can be easily replaced thanks to easy access and electronic connection system
  • Moving parts of the device are carefully protected against dirt
  • Intelligent power management system
  • Design : modern and functional
  • Quality: quality controls in manufacturing guarantee top quality products

Technical features

Load capacity up to 130 kg
Weight 51 kg (model 902), 59 kg (model 907, 908)
Motor performance 220 W
Energy consumption per charge 75 W
Charging power 110 - 230 V
Speed 5,5 m/min.
Operational range ~40 floors (model 902), ~35 floors (model 907, 908)
Operational range low battery signal ~5 poschodí
Maximum step height 230 mm
Minimum width of staircase 900 mm
Minimum landing size of "L" shaped staircase 980 x 980 mm
Minimum landing size of "U" shaped staircase 970 x 1800 mm
Storage and operating temperature -10 až +50°C

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