Stair climber Liftkar PT Uni 130/160

Stair climber Liftkar PT Uni 130/160 is intended for people who are fully disabled and can move only by using a wheelchair. Suitable for All common mechanical wheelchairs.

Easy maneuverability

Thanks its unique design the Liftkar PT Uni handles any type of stairs - straight, curved, trapezoidal or combined. Minimum maneuvering space on the landing staircase is 110 × 90 cm.

3 main advantages of the Liftkar PT Uni

  • Platform can be easily reached by a wheelchair
  • Easy and safe attachment of the wheelchair to the step climber
  • It is not necessary to remove wheels of the wheelchair before using the climber

Technical features

Load capacity 130 kg / 160 kg (depending on modification)
Operational range 300 to 500 steps (depending on user’s weight)
Minimum platform size 90 × 90 cm
Maximum step height 220 mm
Travel speed 10/14/18 steps / min. (three speed options)
Driving mode Smooth mode / Stair by ste mode
Outer track width 297 mm
Total weight 27,6 kg
Weight of the lifting unit 16,7 kg
Overall height / width without ramps 1130 mm / 395 mm
The total width of ramps 760 mm
Batteries lead acid, gel, maintenance free

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